Explaining Chemical Skin Peel and Its Types

Chemical Skin Peel is a treatment wherein a chemical solution is used to give the skin a controlled acid burn, cause blisters and eventually peel it off. This is said to help improve the skin’s condition. You can visit doctors like Michael Zacharia that can you provide you with great service in doing this treatment process.

Types of Chemical Peels

There are various types of chemical peels, now to get the results that you are expecting for, make sure that you understand the differences between them and consult your doctor first to know which one is best for your skin type. It is really essential to avoid any problems that may occur and for the procedure to be safe. Here are some of them:



AHA or Alpha Hydroxy acid – these are the ones that are commonly used at home with the chemical peeling kit and is also said to be the mildest and safest to use. It is assured that the procedure can be done repeatedly, people usually do this AHA process every week.

TCA or Trichloroacetic acid – this acid can peel the skin into a deeper level which is stronger than the AHA. After the treatment, you can expect your face to turn red which is normal when using this TCA acid. It is recommended to read all the instructions carefully before using. Also remember to stay out of the sun because your skin will be more sensitive and will take about seven to ten days to heal.

Phenol chemical peel – this acid is stronger than TCA which provides an extremely deep peeling of the skin. It is said to be the strongest chemical peel and not available to use at home. Procedures using this acid should be done by an experienced dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for better and safe results. After the procedure, you can expect your face to turn red and sore for a week which will fade on its own. Protect your skin by avoiding exposure to the sun and with a bandage or petroleum jelly until it heals.

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