Drug Addiction Top Myths – Shatter Them and Get Help Fast

Various people depict drug addiction in different ways. Some see it in a dramatic sense, while others are nonchalant about it. Whether we’re watching a real-life intervention or seeing goofy “stoners” stumble through some frequent misadventures, some may eventually associate with these portrayals with reality.

Unfortunately for real addicts, people’s minds are preconceived with notions for dismissal or harsh judgment.

  • To ordinary people, the image of a long-term addict can be alarming. Many appear sickly, lethargic and poor or homeless and as usual, this prompts people to fear to either shun or view them as potential criminals.
  • Nobody is immune to drug addiction, no matter how much they say they are. Many prominent figures have been harmed by substance abuse. Elvis Presley or Jim Hendrix for instance, both died because of drug use.
  • Eric Clapton was able to overcome a heroin addiction replacing it with alcohol instead. These people were far from poor; no one would fear them as criminals if they met them on the street.
  • When we see an addict, we may jump to the conclusion that they’re a “meth-head” or some other derogatory characterization.
  • Many addicts often abuse more than one drug. Poly-substance abuse, for example, poses an enormous challenge for recovery since treatment will need to address all the addictions or the whole rehab process fails.
  • The thought of recovering addicts having special amenities is unsettling for some. Heroin Rehab facilities all over the world offer a variety of services, such as cognitive therapy, recreational activities, a comfortable and quiet environment.

Addiction is a disease, and therefore it should be treated at the earliest stages. All the facts mentioned above can help us better understand the disease and help those who suffer from it.

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