Does sleeping without a pillow improve posture

Sleep is extremely important. It affects a lot of different things such as weigh regulation, hormone levels, and other important body functions. But another thing it can affect is your posture. A lot of the times, we find ourselves asking ourselves, does sleeping without a pillow improve posture? Or does it not matter?


Reducing Pain

The truth is that how you sleep affects not only your posture, but the pains and body aches you feel when you wake up that sometimes continue throughout the day. The question of  does sleeping without a pillow improve posture is important because choosing whether or not to use a pillow and what kind of pillow to use can improve (or worsen) your posture.



Proper Alignment

What you should aim for when sleeping is the proper alignment of your spine. You want it to be straight when you sleep. This means that if you are a back sleeper and you sleep with a pillow that is too firm, it causes your spine to misalign. On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper, having a pillow actually aligns better than if you slept on your side without a pillow. So the answer to this question is – it depends.



However, if you’ve noticed that your posture is really bad or needs some improvement, it could be a good idea to try sleeping on your back without a pillow. This will help your spine be properly aligned which in turn will help with posture and might even alleviate some back pains. There are a few other benefits of sleeping without a pillow based on new studies, but better and improved posture remains to be a top benefit of sleeping without a pillow.


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